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Meet the ambassadors: Morgan Taite-Shoosmith - Alisiane Pet and Show Grooming

Meet the ambassadors: Morgan Taite-Shoosmith - Alisiane Pet and Show Grooming

The next ambassador in our series who we’re about to introduce is a special one; Morgan Taite-Shoosmith is the youngest Wow Grooming ambassador at just 14 years old. Morgan showed an early talent for all things grooming and agility and has gone on to win countless awards at dog shows across the country, including Crufts. All words and photos are shared with us under parental supervision and with permission.

You can catch up with the other interviews in the series here.


1. How did you first get into dog grooming? What age were you? Why do you enjoy competing in dog grooming competitions?

I started by helping my mum out in the parlour with bathing and drying. Both myself and my mum have the joint affix Alisiane. We show and breed standard poodles. I have made up a champion in joint name with my mum. I first started competing when I was seven and I have won Crufts Groomer of the Year.

2. We also hear that you’re very talented in other aspects of the canine world. Can you tell us about your achievements so far? (any competition wins that you’re particularly proud of, milestones, or anything else that comes to mind)

I also compete in breed, handling and my other love is agility. I have been placed in all of these disciplines at Crufts. I was second in the Junior Agility Championship and third in Agility Dog of the Year at Crufts. I am so lucky that the breed people totally support me with my standard poodles .

My biggest win was winning groomer of the year at Crufts when I was 11 years old. I think I will be a dog groomer when I leave school.




3. What is the one Wow Grooming product that couldn’t live without in your grooming kit and why?

I love the scissor spray and the glide spray - I can’t be without these.

4. Do you have a dog yourself - tell us a bit about him / her?

I have three standard poodles which I compete with. This year at Crufts I’m going to be something different - I will be grooming a cockapoo! I have groomed him since he was 12 weeks old and he is still only 13 months so it will be a big learning curve for both of us

I am proud to be an ambassador for Wow Grooming at such a young age. Janet and Harry have been so supportive to me.


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