Dog Perfume Cologne Wow Grooming Scent Spray - Aloe/Avocado, Baby Clean, Oud, Pure Delight, Sassy & Ultra

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The Wow Grooming brand is manufactured in the UK and is becoming one of the UK's favourite dog grooming products brand designed for all dog breeds.

When it comes to dog cologne, we aim to offer the perfect range of pet brand scents.  

Our collection of fine scents apply the perfect finish after a groom or in between grooms for your pet dog. Our exclusive long lasting scents offer a cologne for all occasions  Have a spritz of our perfumes and be spoilt for choice.

Aloe & Avocado Perfume

Our long lasting of a combination of cool fragrances which delivers a rich refreshing fragrance. Aloe/Avocado cologne spray.

Baby Clean Perfume

Our long lasting smooth and comforting gentle baby powdered cologne spray.

Oud Perfume

The signature fine fragrance of Wow Grooming.  A long lasting gender neutral cologne spray.

Pure Delight Perfume

A diffusive fruity blend of tropical fruits including pineapple. A premium long lasting gender neutral cologne spray.

Sassy Perfume

A long lasting floral fragrance with notes of Bergamot, Jasmin, Lily and Rose with a fruity undertone. A premium feminine cologne spray.

Ultra Cologne

A diffusive oriental blend with notes of precious woods, musk, tobacco and vanilla. A premium long lasting male cologne spray.







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