Wow Grooming Professional Slicker Grooming Pet Brush - Extra long pin

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Wow Grooming Professional slicker brush with extra long firm pins,  Exclusively designed for Wow Grooming and affordable.

Large curved slicker brush with extra long angled pins that can brush deep into the coat, without snagging or scraping. 

Perfect for all breeds but allowing extra brush penetration for longer coats.  Will aid elimination of knots and tangles and brush through dense undercoat and extremely effective on thick wool coats and super for poodles and doodles.

Effortlessly removes debris, mats and dead hair from your pet's coat.

Curved slicker brush, comfortable handle, lightweight and well balanced easy to hold

Non slip Red rubber ergonomic durable handle for comfort and ease fatigue.

The Long Pin Slicker
The Long Pin Slicker is designed for ultimate fluffing when drying some may even say the perfect finishing slicker.


185 x 120 mm (Including handle)

Pins are 25 mm

No sharp edges on pad of brush

Easy to use, no tagging

Happy brushing


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