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AKKO SCISSORS - Luxury range designed by Paola Acco

Wow Grooming is pleased to announce that they are the exclusive UK distributor for the Akko range of luxury scissors designed by Paola Acco. With a career spanning 30 years in the grooming industry, starting as a groomer and later becoming an All-Round judge and event organizer, Paola  passionately designed Akko Scissors to deliver outstanding cutting performance.
The primary goal of the company is to provide efficient and durable tools that support groomers worldwide in their work.
The scissors are crafted mainly from high-quality Japanese 440C carbon steel, known for its exceptional sharpness, strength, and corrosion resistance.
The Ball Bearing screw is a hallmark of AKKO SCISSORS, providing an advanced circular tensioning system with a ball bearing enclosed in a stabilised ball collecting ring. This feature stabilises the blades, distributes tension evenly, and extends the scissors' lifespan. The Ball Bearing Screw ensures stability and smooth operation with minimal effort, making tension adjustments a simpler process.
In addition to Ball Bearing Screws, AKKO SCISSORS mostly incorporate Double Teflon Rides to facilitate effortless cutting. These Teflon Rides are situated between the screw and the handles, ensuring smooth sliding and reducing wear on the metal components. This results in a frictionless cutting experience, reducing operator fatigue and extending the scissors' lifespan.
No returns once delivered.