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Slicker Brush

Wow Grooming ideal Pet owner Grooming set.

Selection of 185 ml Glide and a choice, brush and Wizzle comb.

Glide lightly misted from a distance or on your brush will help to tackle debris and knots by brushing with your choice of brush.

Brush My Dog Collection - Medium to Firm Pins, perfect for those short woolly coats ie bichons, toy/mini poodle, pouchons, cavapoo. cocapoo, shih tzu more doodles and breeds and more

Super Brush CollectionSoft to medium pins, Perfect for every day brushing, finishing and fluffing and straightening the coat ie on poodles, cavapoos, lhasa and more

Wow Long Pin CollectionThis brush is firm and suitable for long and thick hair, perfect for the Akita, Chow, Collie trousers, long hair GSD, Huskies and similar.  Great to reach into the coat and release matting and knots and loosen debris and dirt.  

The Wizzle comb is the perfect easy to use inexpensive add on comb for the pet owner.

Always brush in direction of the hair. Don't over brush to avoid skin burn. 

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