Wow "Brush My Dog" Oval Pet Slicker brush

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Wow Grooming introduce this easy to handle Pet grooming brush designed with home stress free brushing in mind.

Easy comfortable handle, perfect for pet owners to ease tangles and knots with regular brushing.  This great pet owners brush.

Medium sized curved brush head and pins have been exclusively made for Wow Grooming and is perfect for those short woolly coats ie bichons, toy/mini poodle, pouchons, cavapoo. cocapoo, shih tzu more doodles and breeds.

Soft pad with angled flexible pins for effective grooming and reaching deep into the coat.  Medium to firm pins for pet detangling and general brushing and easy to hold.

The 15mm bent pin on a soft cushion will enable to brush through the coat without scratching or dragging on the coat.

The cushioned and blue ergonomic designed grip prevents hand and wrist strain.

Easy to see with its blue handle.

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