Comb combination - The Everyday Cruise and The Swift Deshedding

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Wow Grooming has introduced "The Swift" Unique 8" Detangling Teflon finished comb,  This is a perfect premium comb for the use in all sizes of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and more.

The 8" De-Matting Comb has 73 Pins in total. 48 Pins that are 1.1/8″ and 25 Pins that are 1.3/8″

  • Teflon finished to reduce static and protect against the accumulation of static and slide through the coat.
  • Tapered pins, ideal for long and thick coats on a rounded spine placed through the back of the spine allowing for extra strength 
  • Dual Skip Pins
  • Designed to penetrate through knots and tangles and loosen undercoat and dead hair.
  • Perfect aid for deshedding 
  • Easy to handle and light weight
  • Use the comb in the same way as line brushing
  • Colour could vary slightly from website image.

Wow Grooming superior long pin Teflon coated sassy "The Cruise" is ideal for all coats including curly thick coats and with the bonus of the detailer to use around more intricate areas.

  • As with all combs, it is designed for styling on a clean matt-free coat after brushing for finishing.
  • A great every day comb to "Cruise" through the coats
  • Teflon finished to reduce static
  • Available overall  10" Long Pin of 30 fine pins with detailer (25cm)
  • Detailer perfect for combing those smaller areas ie beard, muzzle, ears
  • This Sassy looking comb is designed for Wow Grooming.

 Made in the UK

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