Pet Dog Grooming Comb - Wooden Handled Long Pin Puppy Comb

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Wide Teeth Wooden Handle Grooming Comb - Made in the UK

  • Comfortable grip handle is ideal for pet owners
  • Easy to use to maintain the coat after brushing
  • Suitable for all dogs including puppies
  • 21 stainless steel pins 27mm long to provide easy coverage for small to medium dogs.
  • Always brush first and then comb through, to ensure the coat is knot free

Comb in one direction and start in one place and work your way along the dog from the top of the neck and down legs and moving along the body and tail, turn the dog around and repeat.

It should not pull on the coat, should ease through.

Can be used with Glide conditioning detangling spray.

Overall Length: 18.5cm

Handle: 10cm  


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