Leucillin - Antiseptic Skincare for Puppies, Pets and more

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Wow Grooming are now proud to be stocking Leucillin manufactured in the UK 
Suitable for daily and first aid skincare needs.

Green and eco friendly Leucillin is passed by the Organic Soil Association for use in organic livestock systems, is skin pH neutral, non-toxic and degrades down to a safe saline solution and made from fully recyclable materials.

Leucillin can be applied safely from birth and also is safe to use on any pregnant animal.

This clever antiseptic spray mimics the mammalian immune system. Leucillin can be used for all horses, dogs, cats, small pets and humans.

Leucillin is a clear fine solution that doesn’t sting or stain. The active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid, will smell like a swimming pool, that is how you can tell if your solution is working.

The active ingredient in Leucillin is Hypochlorous Acid which is a copy of the same
chemical naturally produced by the animals own immune system to kill pathogens,
as a result it kills bacteria, virus and fungal spores on contact whilst being
completely harmless to tissue.
A quiet spray system to minimise any fear that a loud or strange sound could cause
nervous animals and can be sprayed direct to the affected area.  
A locking mechanism on the bottle to help give you extra security from a leaky bottle
You can use the sprayer upside down to help with those tricky to reach areas on
your pets such as elbows, beards or bottoms!

Leucillin solution is Ideal for application to allergy prone skin or hotspots, clipper rash, cuts, nicks/scratches - a must for all grooming salons.

How to use 
Simply spray Leucillin at least 3 times daily over the affected area until it
runs, then allow to air dry. You can use it under a dressing but be careful not to use
a barrier cream as well, as it will prevent the Leucillin coming into contact with
When using Leucillin, make sure it comes into contact with the skin by applying liberally. This can sometimes be tricky if your pet has a longer coat or in
the case of ears, there may have waxy build up.

We stock Leucillin in a range of all purpose sizes 

Dropper 50 ml - £4.99
Great for eyes, ears, small animals or nervous pets such as cats and rabbits, 
60 ml Spray - £5.99 (no image available)
Handy size to carry in bags, first aid kits, cars etc and practical for emergencies
150 ml Spray - £7.99
Easy to use size
250ml Spray - £9.99
Perfect size for general use for all pets ie dogs, cats, rabbits etc
500ml Spray - £14.99
Suitable for horses, chronic skin allergy sufferers or pet households,

Selection of sizes available for all purposes at home, work place or out on trips.  Remember to carry one with you.

Leucillin is very useful for those hard to reach areas and wounds.
Not only does the fine mist ensure that Leucillin reaches the pathogens, Leucillin is completely safe for your pet and can be used from all angles, even upside down.

Video on How to Use Leucillin

How to store

Leucillin should be stored out of direct sunlight and protected from excess heat to maximise the its shelf life till it expires.

18 month from date of manufacture and opening.

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