Dog Wow Grooming Comb - "The Bender" 8 Inch Coarse Curved Comb - Marine Blue Teflon coated

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The Bender Comb is a premium comb made in the UK, exclusive for Wow Grooming, especially manufactured 1 inch longer from the standard 7 inch curved comb.  The 8 Inch Bender Comb is a hand curved dog grooming comb that works with the dog's contours and curves after drying and ready to style.  

Made in the UK

  • It is designed to lift hair and work with the shape and contours of the body 
  • It will also assist in obtaining the correct angulation above the hock, making the dog groomer's work easier.
  • Remember to hold the curve away from your body and comb up the hair.
  • The Bender Comb pulls hair out from around corners without cutting corners. With this comb you will be able to comb hairs out that could be very easily missed. 
  • As with all combs, it is designed for styling on a clean matt-free coat after brushing.
  • Teflon finished to reduce static.
  • Tapered pins made one inch longer than the standard 7 inch curved combs.
  • Available in 8 inch Coarse Pin - unique to Wow Grooming.
  • Guaranteed to last as a finishing comb. 
  • The Bender comb is Exclusive to Wow Grooming 


The Bender comb was designed for styling clean matt-free coats on all dog breeds but you will see amazing results when used on breeds that require lots of styling.

Colour could vary slightly from website image.

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