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A guide to shampooing your dog

A guide to shampooing your dog

An easy guide to shampooing your dog, with tips on how to shampoo your dog’s head, and our dog shampoo recommendations.

We know it seems like a daunting task, especially if you have a large breed or a dog that hates water! Developing an enjoyable pamper routine for your dog will make your life much easier in the long run and help to strengthen the bond between you and your fur baby.

How often you bathe your dog will depend on how dirty your dog gets in the park and whether you have a dog with a long or short coat.

Keep reading to find out how to perfect your dog washing technique:

What to do

  1. Brush your dog’s coat thoroughly first - This will help to remove any tangles and knots to prevent them from tightening and forming matts after being washed. You can use a slicker brush for most coats. We have a variety of brushes and combs to suit different dog coats.
  2. Soak your dog’s fur completely with lukewarm water - Stand your dog in a bathtub, or in the yard if the weather is suitable, and use a shower nozzle for convenience and to direct the water where you need it. This will help to penetrate thicker coats.
  3. Apply water-diluted dog shampoo evenly and lather up - Follow the product guidelines on how to dilute your shampoo, if required. You can use your fingers or a rubber tooting that the fur is covered and cleaned thoroughly.
  4. Rinse out the shampoo with lukewarm water - This may take some time, especially if your dog’s coat is dense. Make sure you rinse out all of the product.

TIP: Take your time to really massage your whole dog’s body. This is your opportunity to pamper your dog and make it an enjoyable experience. You can also feel everywhere for any lumps and bumps on your dog’s body that shouldn’t be there.

How to wash your dog’s face

Save your dog’s face for the very end. It’s likely to be the most fiddly bit because you don’t want to get any soap or product in your dog’s eyes, ears or nose.

The easiest way to clean a dog’s face is to dip a washcloth into soapy water and gently wipe your dog’s face, head and ears. You will be better able to direct any soapy water away from the eyes, inner ears and nose.

Be aware that puppy shampoo, although designed to be more gentle, can still hurt your dog if it gets in their eyes.


What not to do

  • Don’t rush the process - If you are stressed, then your dog will be stressed. So take your time and give your dog plenty of praise and treats.
  • Don’t be rough with your dog - This includes getting someone else to pin them down or hold their head while you wash their face.
  • Never use human shampoo - This includes baby shampoo. Dog shampoo is specially formulated to complement the pH balance of your dog’s skin. Using human products will irritate your dog’s skin and could cause a reaction.
  • Never wash your dog’s eyes with soap or shampoo - This will hurt them and make them want to avoid baths in the future.

Our shampoo recommendations 

Blueberry Shampoo Wash - Specially formulated to brighten light and white dog coats, leaving them smooth and vibrant, helping to minimise stains. Enriched with vitamins and moisturising Argan oil for regular use .

Pure Filth Wow Grooming Odour Neutralising Shampoo Wash - For dogs that like to get really mucky! This cruelty-free performance coat cleanser is ideal for controlling smells and giving your dog’s coat a deep clean. It contains odour neutralising ingredients to break down the pungent scent of those nasty smells, instead of simply disguising it.

Check out our other dog shampoos - Don’t miss out on our tropical scent collection, luxury Aloe/Avocado, gentle oatmeal and more.



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