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About Wow Grooming

Wow Grooming was set up with a mission to provide premium quality, cruelty-free dog grooming products at affordable prices to dogs groomers and pet owners.

The Wow Grooming range has been formulated by working with an expert team of chemists, to meet even the most stringent of dog grooming standards. We select the best raw ingredients for our formulations to produce the highest quality products, to suit all breeds.

Janet Rabbie of London, works within many aspects of the canine industry and is a dog owner herself, and has a knowledge of grooming and daily dog care. She not only trained as a dog groomer, running her own independent grooming salon, but was also licensed for canine day care and home boarding. but now concentrates on growing Wow Growing. Janet has worked voluntary with a fully qualified dog trainer in North West London, along with having successfully delivered multiple litters of puppies.

Wow Grooming has introduced to the range a coordinating natural based shampoo - Lady Sass and Lord Ultra alongside  Aloe & Avocado natural shampoo and again increased the range to include the new Glide shampoo and a natural Oatmeal shampoo. listening to the needs of professional groomers and the dog owning community. Behind the scenes, Janet is passionate about continually innovating and developing new products for all Wow Grooming customers, with the well-being and expert care of dogs at the heart of everything she does. Directly working first hand grooming dog in her salon.

Janet’s husband, Harry, has become a fully trained groomer with a City & Guilds qualification, showing just how infectious Janet’s love of dogs and caring for them is. Harry is also Janet’s business partner, a driving force behind the Wow Grooming. 

The Wow Grooming range is currently expanding to include an increasing number of products designed for pet owners, to make life more manageable for the owner and the pet, to include our great every day easy to use shampoos, An ever-expanding range of dog brushing tools and advice to compliment the washing and styling.  The range will shortly be expanding to include a range for Pet owners.

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