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Dog Cologne & Perfume Sprays

Wow Grooming colognes and perfumes are the best finishing touch after every dog or puppy groom, or simply use for freshening up between grooms or baths.

We make a wide range of dog cologne & perfume scents that are cruelty free and made in the UK; our most popular spray is the Pure Delight Tropical Fruity and our soothing Aloe/Avocado cologne. Our collection also includes Baby Clean FreshLord Ultra, Lady Sass Floral and Classic Oud Unisex cologne. 


Wow Grooming
Wow Grooming Lord Ultra Male Dog Cologne

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Dog Perfume & Cologne Sprays

Suitable for all breeds and genders of dog and can be used on puppies aged 12 weeks and up. Use liberally on smelly dogs! 



How do I choose a Dog spray?

All Wow Grooming colognes are designed with a gentle, calming scent that is not over powering, so your dog will be happy to wear it and be comfortable. Which one to choose is a personal choice, depending on your preference of smell. 

How do you use dog cologne?

It only needs a gentle spray or spritz.  Best to spray from a distance and allow a mist to settle on the dog. A great place to spray is towards the back of the dog, near the tail – this is because when your happy dog comes to say hello to you, it wags its tail, so the scent can be noticed more.

Where not to spray the perfume?

Never spray at the head ie eyes, ears, nose etc - the same as spraying perfume on a human, away from the face.  All of our colognes have a handy "How to Use" instruction section printed on the bottle.

How often can I use cologne?

Any of our dog colognes can be used daily, as the formulation is pet friendly. We would recommend no more than twice a day, however this is totally up to you. 

Is it safe to use perfume on your dog? 

Yes, perfectly safe, it is especially formulated for your pet.

What age can I use perfume on my dog?

From the age of 12 weeks and up Wow Grooming cologne sprays are suitable

What is the difference between human and dog perfume?

Dog cologne is made with different ingredients and levels of alcohol base. Human Perfume will be stronger and not advised for dogs - purpose formulated colognes and perfumes are especially made for dogs.

Is it harmful for the dogs skin?

Provided your pet doesn't suffer with any allergies, it can do no harm.  Remember it is not directly onto the skin, it is from a distance of at least 9" and just a mist to settle.

What affect does a dog perfume give?

A pleasant smell for both owner and dog.  A dog has a very sensitive nose, far greater than humans but perfume will do no harm as long as used correctly.

Why use Wow Grooming dog cologne to refresh your dog?

Dogs are far more domesticated than they ever have been, so deodorising your pet dog with a pleasant scent is just a nicer way to enjoy time stroking and loving your dog. It is also a very easy way to cover up any persistent smells that your dog may have developed, whether that be from their general susceptibilities, the environment they live in, or from age. 

Are your colognes unisex?

There are male dog aftershaves and female eau de cologne perfumes.

We have Unisex scents such as Pure Delight & Classic Oud & Aloe/Avocado

We would recommend puppies and under 2’s use Baby Clean.