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Wow Grooming Premium Professional slicker brush with extra long firm pins, an exclusive original brush for Wow Grooming. 

Large curved slicker brush head with extra long angled pins on soft pad that can penetrate and brush deep into the coat, without snagging or scraping.  Curved slicker brush, comfortable handle, lightweight and well balanced easy to hold.

This brush is firm and suitable for long and thick hair, perfect for the Akita, Collie trousers, long hair GSD, Huskies and similar.  Great to reach into the coat and release matting and knots and loosen debris and dirt.  Smaller and easier for Pet owners as well as Groomers, with Firm pins.

Non slip Red rubber ergonomic durable handle for comfort and ease fatigue.

185 x 120 mm (Including handle)

Pins are 25 mm - perfect for curly and tangles

No sharp edges on pad of brush

Easy to use, no tagging allowing maintenance without pressure for the pet or the groomer/handler.

Remember Don't over brush in one place, it can cause irritation and brush burns

How to Use Wow Slicker Brushes with Glide conditioning spray
  1. Mist the dogs coat with Glide
  2. Always best to start at base of leg and work up section by section
  3. Line brush which will help to remove tangles

Happy brushing


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