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Dog Grooming Brushes, Combs & Rakes

Depending on the type of coat or fur, the best way to maintain a shiny, healthy, and knot-free coat is by using dog brushes, combs or slickers. There’s a comb or brush suitable for all types of dog and hair lengths. Brushes come in all shapes and sizes, from wooden ones and metal combs, to plastic long-pin slickers that are ergonomic and comfortable to hold which reach deep into the dog’s fur.



Slicker brushes are specially designed for easy, pain-free brushing. Rake-style brushes remove dirt and loose hair from the dog's coat and are ideal for double-coated and thick, long-haired breeds such as Akitas and German Shepherds. Choose the brush to best suit the task and breed - and then finish with a comb.


Whats the difference between a slicker brush and a Deshedding brush?

A slicker brush should be used on medium to long hair, which is used to loosen the undercoat and ease out matts and tangles.

A deshedding tool can break and damage the coat if not used correctly as it cuts through the fur

What is the difference between a pin brush and a slicker brush?

A pin brush is a gentle brush with small balls on tips, which is used on smooth short haired knot free dogs, whereas a slicker brush has bent pins and will penetrate through the knots of the coat (medium to long)  if used whilst "Line brushing"

Is it better to brush a dog wet or dry?

Only brush a dog dry as a wet coat can tangle whilst brushing

How often should you brush a dog?

Daily if possible. Brushing your dog regularly will keep the coat looking good, will remove dead hair, tackles knots and mats.

Does brushing hurt dogs?

No, not if done correctly. Most dogs enjoy being brushed as it makes them feel better. 

What are the different types of dog brushes?

Slicker brushes, which come in different pin lengths for different coats.

Pin brushes are suitable for smooth haired knot free coats not fur

What type of brush is best for long haired dogs?

Long haired single/silky coats - pin brush

Slicker brush for double and curly coated dogs - slicker brushes come in different length pins and should be chosen to suit the dogs coat.  The brush has to reach through the coat without pulling on it

What type of brush is best for short haired dogs?

Short pin slicker brush

What is a pin brush used for in dog grooming?

A pin brush would be used more on dogs with hair, not fur - ie maltese, yorkie, afghan etc

Can I use a bristle brush on my dog?

Yes, but it is not as effective as a specialised slicker or pin brush.