Dog Grooming 5"/13cm Rake - Wooden handle Pet Friendly

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This 5 Inch Wooden Handle Perth  Rake is for general use rake, effective to brush out double coated breeds and other long or thick coated breeds, gently removing dead hair, mats and tangles, without damaging the dogs skin. Made in the UK.

  • Professional dog grooming rake 
  • Designed for use on Medium, large dogs and long hair pets
  • Comfortable grip and easy to use.
  • Not for cats ,small dogs or short hair pets.
  • This rake can serve as part of your regular grooming routine.  It can be used daily for dogs with thick undercoats that mat easily or as rarely as once or twice a week for dogs with thin undercoats.  Do not apply too much pressure against the dog's skin and do not concentrate on one area over and over as could cause irritation to the skin. 

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