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Dog Grooming Combs

Professional grooming supplier Wow Grooming offers a selection of quality dog grooming brushes and combs to suit all coats. Our stylish functional designs are easy to use and provide a perfect finish for both groomers and pet owners, helping to alleviate static.  Hand finished and made in the UK.

Finishing combs are designed for styling on a clean matt free coat on all dog breeds.

 Combs for all purpose of dog grooming.



The 10" comb is one of the top finishing combs in the grooming world. Designed to glide through a clean matt free coat for sassy styling.  Suitable for all breeds.

7" Coarse comb perfect for groomers to work through the coats and poodle combs to lift and separate for styling.

The wide tooth dog comb with long metal pins provide excellent detangling for small to medium sized dogs and puppies.

We have a special small red or blue handle comb for cleaning dogs' eyes, perfect for groomers.

For poodles and other wool coated breeds, we have a long pin comb with detailer, as well as a curved Bowie Comb for curly haired doodle dogs (Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Sheepadoodle, Maltipoo, etc)

The Bender Combs allow for an adaptable use on heads, bodies and angulations of legs following the contour of the body or head.


How do you use guide combs?

Guide combs are attachments to use on clippers and will determine the length of the coat.

Are metal combs good for dogs?

Yes, but should be used after brushing through to check for knots.

How do I get my dog to stop shedding so much?

It is not possible to stop your dog from shedding. This is a natural process that must be managed to keep your dog happy and healthy. 

How often should I Furminate my dog?

Furminators are for professional dog groomers, it is best to advice from a dog groomer on how to use.

Are Deshedding tools safe for dogs?

Deshedding tools can cause damage if used incorrectly, they should be used with caution. Always seek advice from a professional before using.

Do dogs feel better after Deshedding?

Yes. Dogs get uncomfortable if they their coats are not properly managed. Knots and mats can be tight on the skin and cause discomfort and be painful. A few trips to the groomer and you will be able to see a difference in the behaviour of your dog. It also gives the added benefit of your dog looking much healthier.

Are Furminators any good?

It is a great tool but needs to be used correctly as it  can leave holes in the coat if used incorrectly. It also is only appropriate on the right coats, so it is best to seek advice before using. 

Is a shedding blade good for dogs?

Can be very harmful and break the coat if not used correctly.

Is it bad to brush your dog everyday?

No, it is actually recommended, as long as your dog enjoys it.

How often should I brush my dog to prevent shedding?

Daily. But at least twice a week.