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Medium-hair dogs and how to groom them

Medium-hair dogs and how to groom them

Medium hair, medium care? Not so fast! Your medium-hair dog has a beautiful coat of fur that still needs plenty of maintenance to help keep it healthy and shiny. Let’s take a look at how to care for your medium-hair dog’s coat properly.

What are the characteristics of a medium coat?

Dogs with medium-length coats come in a variety of fur types, but they all have two things in common - they are not short-haired and they are not long-haired. This means that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. They are lower maintenance than many long-haired dogs, and they have more fluff-factor than a short-hair dog, so they are cuddly and can sport plenty of scruffy charm - if you like that sort of thing!

A dog is considered to be medium-haired if the coat grows to a mid-length. This means longer than an inch, but shorter than two inches. The fur is long enough to stand up off the body instead of laying flat, which can give it a wavy, textured look.

This type of fur isn’t usually long enough to get matted quickly, especially if the coat is brushed well at least once a week.

Dog breeds which have these types of coats

Here are some examples of dog breeds that have a medium-haired coat of fur.

  • Akita
  • Australian Shepherd Dog
  • Border Collie
  • Brittany
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Shiba Inu
  • Siberian Husky
  • St. Bernard

What purpose do medium coats serve?

Dogs with medium coats were originally bred to work out in open spaces, and required minimal coat maintenance.

For example, Border Collies and Australian Shepherd dogs were originally bred to spend all day working actively in the fields helping to herd livestock, and their keepers didn’t have time to spare for dog grooming.

The fur is usually double-coated to provide insulation and protection in all weathers. The medium length of the coat provides a barrier against winds and rain, but is short enough so as not to hinder agility.

Find out more about Double-coated dogs and how to groom them.

How to care for dogs with medium hair coats

We like medium-hair dogs as family pets because children love big soft-looking dogs that resemble teddy bears. These dogs are low-maintenance enough to fit into busy family life. Your medium-haired dog will still need some basic care though. Here are some ways for you to keep your dog well-groomed at home, and what to expect from your groomer.

At Home

Dogs with medium coats are not immune to matted fur, especially around areas of the body where there is the most movement and friction, such as the armpits. Keep matts at bay by thoroughly brushing your dog all over once or twice a week. Why not incorporate a relaxing routine as the perfect opportunity to bond with your dog?

Regular weekly brushing will help to remove any dried-up dirt in your dog’s coat. Once a month you can thoroughly bathe your dog at home using a good dog shampoo. Allow them to air-dry, or use your hairdryer on a cool setting, to ensure they are dried thoroughly.

If your dog comes home from the park in a muddy, smelly state after rolling in fox poo or dirty puddles you can bathe them at home more regularly so that they don’t contaminate your home.


At The Groomers

Book appointments with your groomers every few months. Not only will they thoroughly detangle and wash your dog’s coat, they will also trim it to maintain a manageable length for easier home upkeep. Nail clipping, checking anal glands, and cleaning the ears are other tasks that your groomer can do.

Useful grooming products

To help you maintain your dog’s medium coat at home we have picked out some of our favourite all-rounder grooming products.

A good dog shampoo


The Oatmeal Natural Hypoallergenic Shampoo is a gentle wash designed especially for dogs with sensitive skin. Its plant-based ingredients and vitamin-enriched formula will clean your dog’s fur, nourishing and moisturising the skin.

Dogs with light-coloured coats will benefit from our Blueberry Supreme Whitening Shampoo. It is designed to deep clean, and formulated to brighten light-coloured coats. It also smells amazing!

All-Purpose Slicker Brush

A good slicker brush is a good general tool for all dog coats. They are useful for digging deep into thick fur for complete detangling. Our Lawrence Slicker Brush is large with softer pins, so you can brush through large spaces of your dog’s coat quickly without snagging or scraping. This is great for dogs with sensitive skin.

Our Premium Super Brush is also a good choice with its extra long angled pins and soft pad specially designed to penetrate thick coats.

A Wide Toothed Comb

For dogs prone to more tangling “The Pooch” 10 inch Teflon Coated Wide-toothed Comb is a useful tool for raking through thick coats. It is also essential for styling your dog’s fur and achieving those finishing touches.

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