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Meet the ambassadors - Lia Jayne Henderson - Barking Beautiful

Meet the ambassadors - Lia Jayne Henderson - Barking Beautiful

Wow Grooming is really pleased to work with some talented grooming ambassadors. We'd really like to introduce you to them so we've decided to do a series of Q&As with them.

Second up, is Lia of Barking Beautiful. (You can read our first interview with Holly here)


1. How did you first get into dog grooming and tell us a bit about your business

I have always had a love for dogs; I've grown up with them since a baby. I first started off as a kennel hand when I was 13 years old where I loved being with the dogs! I went into hairdressing but really didn't like it - but fortunately I soon found myself a job as a prep assistant for a dog grooming company in Windsor. There I was taught how to groom and a few years later I left and worked to help set up a mobile dog grooming company.

After a few years doing that I longed for my own company and that's when Barking Beautiful was born. After building a clientele up from my parents living room I finally got my hands on the keys to my salon which is in Ascot, Berkshire, and eight years later I’m still going strong.

While setting up the salon I also took my Level Three Diploma and fast tracked at Absolutely Animals in London. This was a personal achievement but proves to my customers that I am qualified to groom dogs at a high standard.

2. Tell us about your achievements in the industry to date (any competition wins that you’re particularly proud of, milestones in your business, or anything else that comes to mind)

I've taken part in lots of grooming competitions but it took about a year before I was ever placed …and then after that I was on a roll! I won Up and Coming Groomer of the Year which is my biggest achievement to date and of which I’m most proud.

I also work on set for TV shoots which I absolutely love and it's something different to break up the grooming. Off the back of this I got a huge gig with Pet Head which is currently under edit and that can't wait to share.

3. What is the one Wow Grooming product that couldn’t live without in your grooming kit and why?

Glide! I'm obsessed. I can't live without it...we use it on every dog that comes into the salon. I even use it on my hair too - haha! It's the perfect product to brush out dogs but keep their coats in tip-top condition without breakages.

4. Can you share your top grooming hack / tip?

Poodle ears / long ears: Comb all the way down using your index and middle finger as a guide where you want to cut. Get your trimmers on a 40, and cut the line across for the perfect ear.

5. Do you have a dog yourself - tell us a bit about him / her?

I have four dogs: two standard poodles - a silver named Pearl who is nearly seven and Thor, who is black poodle and is nearly four. I compete regularly with them in agility; it's our outdoor no-grooming hobby.

Then we have the oldies; Gypsy the Lhasapoo who will be 14 soon. She lost her eye a year ago but doesn’t really notice and then there’s Bibi, my mini schnauzer who is nearly 13…she is the laziest, barkiest dog I've owned! All four love one another and have their own individual personalities that we love so much.



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Images by Rob King

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