Dog Glide Conditioning collection 185 ml Spray Wow Grooming 2.5L Detangling Refill

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Wow Grooming has developed Glide as a gentle, easy to use conditioning and detangling Misting spray to ease brushing techniques for professional dog and home pet grooming.

  • Designed to aid all grooming techniques
  • Works with wet or dry coats to ease the work load of the groomer and glide through the knots and tangles whilst conditioning. 
  • Comes in a comfortable handy 185 ml size with a continuous light spray misting bottle.
  • The misting spray bottle produces a fine even mist, leaving the hair easy to manage for brushing, combing, clipping or scissoring
  • Leaves a pleasant fruity scent without leaving a residue on the coat and helps to condition the coat at the same time
  • Leaves the coat silky smooth.

Glide can be sprayed repeatedly during the groom and still allowing the movement of the natural hair. 


Queen of Fruits


To condition coat, reduce static and ease knots through brushing


A variety of breed and coat types


Lacquer or varnish


Apply to a wet or dry coat

Hold bottle approximately 30 cm away from the dogs coat. Spray lightly onto the coat and brush or comb through.  It is a fine continuous mist which will settle onto the coat to provide even coverage. The misting applicator can be used on most areas, avoiding eyes, ear and nose when spraying.

Remember to keep the original mister bottle and use the 2.5 L to refill.

2.5 L Refill will fill approximately 13 x 185 ml mister sprays.


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