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Groomed Doodle

Doodles & Grooming

In the last 15 years, Poodle mixes, known as Doodles are becoming more and more popular. The choice is expanding with many poodle crosses small and large, here are just a few of the many doodle breeds - Cockapoos, LabradoodlesGoldendoodlesBernedoodlesMaltipoos and more.

A Doodle is any kind of dog that’s an offspring of a Poodle and another purebred dog or Poodle mix. A Doodle will tend to have fur that grows in soft, tight curls.  Doodles come in a variety of colours.

Not every Doodle breed is the same, and will vary in energy levels, size, and mental needs. Temperament will also vary from dog to dog.

Generally Doodles should not shed, have considerably less dander and cause less allergies.

Grooming doodles

Puppies go through a coat change somewhere between 6-12 months where they will shed their puppy coat and the adult coat will start to grow through. Grooming practices should be established from about 12 weeks old.

Due to the nature of a doodle coat matting at any time, regular brushing is highly recommended.  Depending on coat type brushing could be daily. Harnesses, Dog coats and wet weather can easily knot areas of the dogs fur especially if not regularly brushed in between professional grooms. 
Specially made products like our glide spray will help to ease knots.

Get in touch if you have any questions about grooming your doodle.

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