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Puppy Grooming – 10 Tips for New Owners and New Groomers

Puppy Grooming – 10 Tips for New Owners and New Groomers

  1. Puppy grooming should be introduced at a young age. As soon as the puppy has received its 2nd vaccination, a friendly visit to the grooming salon is advisable to be familiarised.


  1. If the owner has time, it is always good to let the puppy visit the grooming salon for a 10 min acclimatisation i.e. listening to the sounds of the drier, water, smells, perhaps gently hold a vibrating clipper on the back of the puppy, to feel the sensation, perhaps a brush of a leg but that is it and of course lots of attention and cuddles with treats if allowed - remember always ask first. It will also give you an insight to the condition and coat style.


  1. Before accepting any puppy/dog for its appointment, a disclaimer must be completed and signed by the owner - this will supply a brief history and contact details and advise the groomer of any allergies or ailments, likes or dislikes.


  1. Keep treats available if a puppy needs some reassurance and praising.


  1. Puppy grooms should be on a regular basis of 4 - 6 weeks depending on the puppy coat.


  1. On an introductory groom (approx 1 hour) nails and sanitary will be tidied.


  1. Bath the puppy in a gentle shampoo i.e. a hypoallergenic one (e.g CT aloe and avocado) - although all of our shampoos are suitable for puppies from the age of 12 weeks.


  1. Once towel dried, gently dry the puppy with a stand dryer if available to fluff dry, trying not to make the dryer too powerful or a blaster on the lowest fan and lowest heat setting and remove the nozzle so it is a gentle breeze.


  1. As the puppy grows, the groomer will advise when the puppy will require its first full groom i.e. a full style through cutting, this will also depend on how often a puppy owner can brush their dog and keep it free of knots and matting. This can be done in a home environment as well but always remember to secure the puppy to a bath with a suction pad or similar and a Happy Strap is ideal - no pressure on the neck.


  1. Brushing should be short periods and as soon as the puppy is unhappy, stop. Remember the puppy should want to be brushed and be relaxed and enjoy it, not be scared and run as soon as it sees you approaching with a brush. Do not rush towards your puppy with a brush as this could turn into a nervous experience as not all puppies enjoy it, it should be a slow gentle experience

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