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Fast Dry Misting Dog Spray - Tropical Scent Spray

We’re groomers ourselves and know that time is precious, so anything that can give us back that time is worth its weight in gold. Enter Wow Grooming’s Tropical Fast Dry Mist Spray! We’ve developed a finishing spray which helps get dogs dry quickly. But how does it work?



This product gives a professional finish and is therefore perfect for dog groomers and pet salons. The key ingredient works with dogs coats, which are naturally water repellent, simultaneously helping to absorb water at the hair shaft without leaving any unwanted residues. We’ve also combined it with conditioners so that when you then come to brushing, combing and eventually cutting the dog’s hair, it’s so much more manageable.

Our Fast Drying Spray comes in a misting 185ml bottle which can be topped up using the 2.5 L refill. We’ve also created a few product collection combinations to save you money. It’s free from silicone and as always Wow Grooming’s products are 100% cruelty free.

For best results use on towel-dried clean dogs - hold the applicator approx 30 cm away from the coat, and pump the mister sparingly so that the product settles evenly. Don’t over saturate. Dry and style as normal.

Check out our video to see how Ozzie the Cavapoochon goes from wet to dry in just seven minutes, thanks to our Fast Dry Spray.


Who can use fast dry dog grooming spray?

This kind of spray is usually specifically developed for professional groomers, but that’s not to exclude pet owners who think it might be useful for them.

Can a fast drying spray really save that much time?

We managed to completely dry a cavapoo in just seven minutes. So imagine how many clients you have each day, and do the maths. It will definitely add up. Plus you’ll have happy dogs who don’t have to be on the table any longer than they need to be.

How can fast drying spray be used?

Fast drying spray can be used on all breeds of dog but can be especially useful on Spaniel ears, thicker coated dogs, long haired breeds, in the grooming salon or prepping for a show.