Dog Shampoo 5L Wow Grooming Collection #2 - Pure Filth, Red Berry and Whitening Wash

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Wow Grooming is Cruelty Free and is becoming one of the UK’s favourite dog grooming and pet product brands. 

This is a selection of deep cleansing shampoos formulated for all dog breeds, and the dirtiest and smelliest dogs, ideal for professional dog groomers suitable for puppies from12 weeks

1) Wow Grooming - Performance Pure Filth Shampoo - Tropical Fruits

A deep cleansing shampoo formulated for the dirtiest and smelliest dogs. A combination of effective cleaning agents, odour neutralisers and long lasting fragrance. A perfectly balanced, powerful but gentle formula. Ideal to remove fox dirt, cigarette smells and more.

2) Wow Grooming - Performance Every Day Clean Shampoo - Red Berry  

An everyday shampoo that has been designed to degrease and deodorise the fur, providing a deep clean and a luscious coat. Highly effective and mild making hair stronger, more manageable and delivering a long lasting shine. A pH balanced, vitamin enriched shampoo with Argan Oil and Pro-vitamin B5. Formulated and tested to meet groomers standards and easy to use for the pet owner.

3) Wow Grooming - Blueberry Whitening Shampoo 

This has been designed to enhance and revitalise white and light coats, leaving the fur bright, silky and vibrant, helping to reduce stains. A Vitamin enriched, perfectly balanced shampoo containing Argan oil and Pro-vitamin B5 that add moisture back into the skin and fur.  Can be used regularly without drying the coat.  

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