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Akko Dog Grooming Scissors: The Perfect Blend of Quality and Comfort

Akko Dog Grooming Scissors: The Perfect Blend of Quality and Comfort

Are you in search of high-quality grooming scissors that offer precision, comfort, and affordability? Look no further! Wow Grooming are thrilled to announce that we are now the exclusive distributor of the Akko range of scissors by Paola Acco in the UK. With over 30 years of experience in the grooming industry, Paola Acco has introduced a collection of scissors designed to meet the needs of professional groomers at all levels.

Why Choose Akko Dog Grooming Scissors?

1. Teflon Ride for Effortless Cutting

One of the standout features is the TEFLON RIDE fitted to a selection of Akko Scissors. This innovative addition is located behind the pivot point and is designed to reduce wear and tear, resulting in a smoother cutting action. Not only does it enhance your cutting experience, but it also minimises fatigue. What's more, the Teflon Ride can be replaced if necessary, extending the lifespan of your scissors.

Akko Dog Grooming Scissors close up showing where the teflon ride is.

2. Precision with Ball Bearing Screw

Akko scissors are equipped with a Ball Bearing Screw, an advanced circular tensioning system with a ball bearing at the pivot point. This unique design stabilises the blades, spreading tension evenly, and ensuring a longer lifespan for your dog grooming scissors. The result is exceptional stability and smoothness in every cut. Tension adjustment becomes a breeze with the ball bearing mechanism, offering immediate benefits in terms of stability and smooth operation.

An infographic showing the difference between ball bearing and non ball bearing dog grooming scissors

3. Japanese Steel 440C

Quality matters, and Akko scissors feature high-quality Japanese 440C carbon steel blades. This choice of material guarantees sharpness, strength, and corrosion resistance at the highest level. With Akko scissors, you can trust that your grooming tools will stand the test of time.

4. Ergonomic Advanced Design

Akko scissors boast a refined ergonomic design, prioritising stability and grip. The carefully crafted design provides solid support for your fingers and helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue, even during long grooming sessions. The handle of the scissors is tailored to the anatomical needs of groomers, delivering the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

A Scissor for Every Need

The Akko range offers a wide variety of scissors suitable for all coats and breeds. Whether you're an experienced groomer who loves the art of scissor work or a novice looking to upgrade your tools, Akko scissors have you covered.

Wow Grooming are so proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Akko range in the UK. These scissors truly are a "Cut above the rest" and offer a winning combination of cutting-edge technology, Japanese precision, and ergonomic design. If you're looking to level up your grooming skills and achieve that special finish, Akko scissors should be your go-to choice.

So why wait? Experience the difference with Akko scissors today! Shop the range by clicking here.


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