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Wow Grooming is Cruelty Free and is becoming one of the UK’s favourite dog grooming and pet brands, perfect for curly coated dogs. 
Performance Odour Neutralising Intense Pure Filth Dog Shampoo is the best for deep cleansing shampoo formulated for the dirtiest, smelliest and greasy coats in dogs.
A lush unique original tropical scent masks all dirty and poop Dog smells

Combines effective cleaning agents, odour neutralisers and long lasting fragrance.

Perfectly balanced, powerful but gentle formula

Ideal to remove the scent of fox poo and all other smelly odours with the minimum of washes

Contains odour neutralising ingredients to break down the pungent scent of those nasty smells, instead of simply disguising it

Unique cleansing ingredients to ensure the coat is cleaned thoroughly

20:1 dilution will make approx 100 Litres from 5 L at 43p/1 L approx

NB: Due to supply issues bottles may vary in design.

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Odour neutralisers

Tropical Fruits

All dog breeds over the age of 12 Weeks.

This shampoo can be diluted or used neat. For diluted requirements dilute the shampoo 20:1 adding 1 part shampoo (25mls) to 20 parts water (500mls). For best results use warm water to dilute. Wet the dog thoroughly with warm water; evenly disperse the shampoo taking care to avoid the eyes, inside the ears and nose. Work into a good lather, massaging into the skin from the head to the tail. Rinse the dog with warm water ensuring that all suds are removed. Towel dry.

Wow Grooming shampoos can now be used in your Hydrobath. Add 20mls per 25 litre tank (adjust amount accordingly for different tank volumes).

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