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Regular dog grooming is a great opportunity to increase the bond between owner and pet and at the same time a chance to health check your dog and become familiar with your pets coat and shape.   Keeping a regular check  for any unusual lumps, bumps, scratches or sores on the skin.



Wow Grooming
Wow Grooming Lord Ultra Male Dog Cologne

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Grooming your dog will help to keep their coat in the best possible condition. Dog grooming can remove dead hairs, help to distribute natural oils, and keep skin healthy.  Once used to the process, they’ll find it really relaxing!

Glide conditioning spray for perfect coat management.

Pure Filth shampoo for those dogs who cannot resist the temptation of fox poo - one wash to be rid of the smell and leave the coat smelling clean, fresh and shiny.

Slicker brushes and combs to suit all pet owners with their puppies and dog hair types.