Spratts 80 Original comb - Fine/Medium Comb

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Wow Grooming are delighted to be able to include in the range - Spratts 80 comb hand finished comb.

This high quality superb finished comb allows for perfect lift and separation for smooth and accurate scissoring, a brilliant prep comb. Will also help to pick up last bits of fine hair which sheds. 

The teeth feel silky smooth enabling it to glide through the coat.

This handy combination comb is ideal for fine work around the eyes and ears or for general grooming of miniature breeds.

Spratts combs are all brass backed with extra dense chrome plating. 

A combination of fine and medium pins

The pins are 25 mm long 

1.7mm spacing of medium pins 

0.8 mm spacing of fine pins

15cm/6"" overall length

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